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A Guide to Ovation Insurance in Nova Scotia

Guide to Ovation Insurance

In September 2013, one of Canada’s most reputable providers of auto, home, recreational auto, and business insurance, launched Ovation, a new insurance policy that was specially designed for protecting wealthy individuals against the loss of their homes, automobiles, and expensive items. The company did this because their insurance broker in Halifax said there was increasing demand for a new level of insurance for high value items. Ovation insurance in Nova Scotia is a unique offering, which takes care of the needs of broker partners and end users.

With this insurance product, clients will have a dedicated support line that is connected to a team of professionals assigned to take care of their needs 24 hours a day. The company is fully committed to helping their clients to restore homes or renovate them and to replace the precious items in them. No details are left out and so Ovation insurance in Nova Scotia covers things such as jewelry, wine and artwork. This insurance policy gives a lot of respect to the client’s preferences, with features like cash settlement options, the privilege to request repairs by a particular company and the removal of asset depreciation on the destroyed or damaged items.

Ovation customers will enjoy a courtesy vehicle as a part of their auto coverage. The vehicle will be consistent with what they are accustomed to and it will be delivered with driving record protection as an optional feature. Similarly, clients will also receive coverage for special recreational vehicles, classic cars and high value boats.

An insurance broker in Halifax will also tell you that Ovation covers loss prevention with home inspection that is followed by written suggestions on how to improve the protection of the home and family. In the home insurance policy, there is a special mitigation provision which provides tools that will prevent distress and future claims. So, Ovation insurance in Nova Scotia not only pays for damages, it also helps to prevent future distress.

In this special insurance policy, clients will enjoy protection of their wealth and professional profile with umbrella liability coverage and identity theft protection. This implies that unrecoverable assets will enjoy coverage and there will be adequate preparation for unexpected events at home or abroad.

The entire Ovation policy is built on a wealth of experience, infrastructure, and superior claims support. An insurance broker in Halifax that works with this insurance company will be assisted with real-time underwriting and an efficient policy administration service. The company has demonstrated commitment to delivering a high-value broker response that has superior efficiency, which has not been matched by other companies in the industry. This has already been demonstrated during a number of destructive weather events.

After the successful launch in Ontario, the product is now available to other clients all over Canada. All other provinces, including Nova Scotia and British Columbia can now enjoy the unique provisions of this exceptional high value insurance policy.

To get more valuable information about Ovation, consult a reputable insurance broker in Halifax.

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