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Car insurance for the commercial world in Burlington

As a business owner, the right auto insurance in Burlington allows your employees to use company cars, trucks, and vans as needed. With this in mind, the car insurance policy options, coverage levels, optional terms, and other relevant information which pertains to your policy needs, are going to vary for each business, and each industry. As a commercial business owner, there are a few things to consider when purchasing car insurance for commercial use. These are some of those factors.

  1. What is commercial insurance and what’s covered? –
    As the name implies, the auto insurance in Burlington purchased for company vehicles will protect those vehicles and employees who have licenses to use company vehicles. Property damage and liability protection is available with these policies. Depending on the level of coverage chosen, some things the commercial policy will cover are:
    – Property damage and bodily injury liability.
    – Optional coverage and passenger coverage if the people in the vehicle (non-company employees or licensed drivers) are not insured.
    – Collision coverage and comprehensive collision protection to pay for damage to the vehicle, no matter who is at fault.
    Depending on the type of company vehicles being insured, the level of coverage chosen, and the number of vehicles being insured, there are several options companies can choose from when deciding on coverage terms and options.

    2. When is it needed for commercial use? –
    Just because you have company vehicles doesn’t necessarily mean the highest level of coverage is required. Any vehicle used for business purposes that has a commercial tag, or has licenses for company use, are vehicles which the business owner must insure. In the event employees will use the company vehicles, they must also be included under the umbrella of policy coverage that the company purchases.

    3. When else is insurance required? –
    In the event the vehicles aren’t being used directly for business functions, there are still times when insurance is necessary for company vehicles. Some of these uses include:
    – Running errands using a company car/vehicle.
    – Transporting items, delivering items.
    – Delivery services.
    In the event you have to pick up a client at the airport or otherwise provide transport services to clients, in these situations an insurance policy is also required for commercial use. Even if the function is indirectly related to the business and type of operations the business is performing, it is important that business owners properly insure their vehicles and all employees who might use them.

    Because commercial insurance policies are going to differ from one business to the next, the level and types of coverage chosen will also vary for each business owner. And, as is the case with personal plans, when choosing a policy for commercial use, business owners have to compare insurers. Doing this allows the business to find the highest level of coverage, will allow the business to find the best rates for coverage, and is also a good way to make sure they are purchasing all necessary coverage, no matter what kind of business it is.

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